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"I like to blame my parents generation for coming so close to social change then giving up after a few successful efforts by the media & Government to deface the movement by using Mansons and other Hippie representatives as propaganda examples on how they were nothing but unpatriotic, communist, satanic, inhuman diseases, and in turn the baby boomers become the ultimate, conforming, Yuppie hypocrites a generation has ever produced." -- Kurt Cobain

A bit about Classic Generation

Classic Generation -- humans 1.x

The classic generation includes all variety of humankind before gene therapy changed civilization.

The classics have experienced several medical advancements that advanced their survival incrementally. The classic generation made gene therapy possible. The race now is for Classics to survive long enough for each medical advancement they need to make the jump to humans 2.0 -- the Waters

Gene Technology

The classics are dying off while the younger generation build on their research and development in the hopes that they can benefit and survive.

A Race Against Time

There are constantly new procedures, drugs and knowledge to keep many people alive longer. The average lifespan for many cultures has doubled in the past 100 years.

The rate of development is accelerating as more science uses computers for faster results, more sensitive measurements, and more complex data.

Some Classics will survive long enough to transition into the Water Generation. The older Classics will die before the technology can save them. My wild guess is that anyone born after 1982 has a chance, but only with time will the survivors be known.

More money society puts into education and research the faster the advances, and higher survival rate. Many Classics would rather buy bling, veg out, or fight wars where young people die.


There are two main categories of help:

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